Jackson Eye Associates serves a wide range of eye care needs for our patients. Whether you need a comprehensive eye examination, want iLasik, Botox® or need cataract surgery, our physicians and support staff are ready to give you the individualized care you deserve.


JEA offers blade-free iLASIK. This procedure is extremely high in patient satisfaction and has proven very effective in treating nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our ophthalmologists to find out if this procedure is right for you.



iLASIK revolutionizes LASIK - the world’s most popular elective procedure – by making it the very first vision correction procedure ever to be fully tailored for the unique characteristics of your individual eyes. It uses the most advanced technology at every step, from your personal vision evaluation where we create an individualized 3-D map of your eyes; to a precise LASIK flap using a laser, not a blade; and finishing with one of the most precise, accurate forms of laser vision correction available today.


iLASIK marries two of the most medically advanced LASIK technologies into one procedure, offering a new generation of vision seekers the potential for 20/20 vision and superior safety through reduced flap complications. * ** It is fast, virtually painless, and one of safest elective procedures performed in the U.S.


Prior to Surgery

Your doctor may ask you to stop wearing contact lenses in the weeks leading up to your surgery, because contacts can adjust the shape of your natural cornea. You will also need to arrange for transportation home after your procedure. Your doctor may give you pain medicine that would make it unwise for you to drive, and the best thing for your eyes after surgery will be rest, so please find a family member or friend who can assist you in getting home.


During Surgery

Your doctor will work on one eye at a time; beginning with numbing the first eye that will be operated on. A numbing drop will be placed in your eye, and a speculum will be used to hold your eyelid open. You may feel pressure on your eye and your vision will dim as a flap is cut in your cornea. The laser will be adjusted for your particular prescription. You will be asked to look at a target light for a short time. A laser light will then painlessly remove the tissue. You'll hear a steady clicking sound as the laser is operating. The higher your prescription, the more time the surgery will take. The surgeon has full control of the laser and can turn it off at any time.


After Surgery

After a brief period of rest, you will be released to go home with someone driving you. Your doctor will prescribe immediate rest for your eyes for the next several hours. Some people can return to work as soon as the next day, although it is recommended that you take one more day to rest your eyes. You should try not to rub your eyes for several days. You should avoid swimming, hot tubs, and eye makeup for a week to two weeks. Your doctor will give you other instructions for follow-up care.


* Davis, EA, Lindstrom RL. IntraLase vs. Microkeratome: Complications. “Early Experience with the 30 kHz IntraLase,” 2005. Presented at Ocular Surgery News; September 16-18, 2005; New York, NY.


** Schallhorn SC and Tanzer DJ. “Comparison of visual outcomes with femtosecond and mechanical microkeratomes for wavefront guided LASIK” Presented at the American Academy of Opthalmology annual meeting; November 13, 2006; Las Vegas, NV.


LASIK Procedure 



"Having LASIK surgery was the best thing that I have ever done for myself! It is so nice to wake up in the morning and be able to see. No more worrying about glasses and contacts! The results are absolutely amazing!"

-Ginger Gober


"I had LASIK surgery with JEA over two years ago. I should have done it years ago. The results are excellent! To me LASIK surgery is a medical miracle. It is a life changing operation for someone like myself, who was totally incapacitated without my glasses or contacts. Thank you so much!"

-Reed Hogan, MD


"I just made the smartest decision of my life! I had LASIK done with JEA. The reason I went to JEA in the first place was that I had already heard great things about the doctors and staff there. From the second I walked in the office, I was sold! The staff was super friendly, and the doctors were extremely knowledgeable. Every question I had was answered! I no longer have to worry about glasses or contacts. It's incredible!"

-John Morris (Y101 DJ - Morris and Bender Showgram)


"Since receiving LASIK from JEA, I have found that objects are much clearer and sharper than they were with my contacts. My vision has drastically improved over the past year, and my eyes have never felt better. They aren’t tired at the end of the day, like they were when I was wearing contacts. I would definitely recommend JEA and my doctor to all my family and friends!"

-Kameron Palmer


"My experience with my doctor and my LASIK surgery make it very easy to recommends JEA to friends and family. The most exciting part of life after LASIK is not having to worry about my glasses or contacts for the first time in 30 years! From the first office visit, to the surgery, and post operative appointments, the entire process was professional and efficient. My doctor really cared about doing a great job, and he did!"

-Dennis Rowlen, MD


"I live in Nashville, but came to JEA for my LASIK surgery because of all the wonderful things I heard about the JEA doctors. Being an avid outdoorsman who bikes, mountain climbs, hunts, and fishes, contacts and glasses were a constant bother. After my LASIK surgery, all that changed. I no longer worry about packing contacts and solution, and my vision is better than it ever was! JEA did a wonderful job, and I am thrilled with the results!"

-Gunner Smith