We Are Jackson Eye Associates

We have three convenient locations to serve our patients - Jackson, Clinton, and Madison. Each location features ophthalmology services as well as an optical boutique. Visit our contact page to find the location nearest you.


Our Mission

The mission of JEA is to provide eye care that is accessible and affordable through our team of medical professionals who are committed to an unsurpassed standard of excellence in patient care.


our Standard of Excellence

Exceeding patient expectations in comfort and accessibility; in addition to providing the best vision care possible by trained and skilled professionals utilizing the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and methods available.


Our beginnings

Formed in 1999 with four physicians, Jackson Eye Associates has grown to be the largest ophthalmology practice in Mississippi. The original partners were Dr. John McVey, Dr. Ken Toler, Dr. Glenn Herrington, and Dr. John Ford, who are all still with the practice today. In 2002, Dr. Curtis Whittington merged his practice with JEA and Dr. Phil Smith completed his residency and joined the practice. Dr. Robert Mallette, Dr. Richard Blount, and Dr. Wilson Moak merged their practices with JEA in 2005, and in 2007, Dr. Troy Newman completed his residency and joined JEA. In 2011, Dr. Troy Newman completed his Glaucoma Fellowship at University of Alabama-Birmingham.

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